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Food Photography Pro

Create your own photography business and get paid doing what you love.


Ever wanted to get paid for doing what you love?

Do you dream about running your own business or working your own hours bringing client's visions to life with gorgeous food photography?


I’ve been paid at every stage of my photography journey.

From beginner to intermediate and semi-pro.

I’ve worked for clients around the globe including agencies, magazines, small businesses, print and publishing to multi-million dollar companies.

I’ve seen it all.



Increase your prices and clients responded by telling you ‘finally, you’re so worth it’.

Cold pitch an aligned brand and they double their budget to work with you.

Sign a high 4-figure contract (your highest yet) to shoot a personal project.

Land an 80 recipe shoot that brings in a few weeks worth of income.

Reach your income goals and now you can say ‘no’ and spend more time with your family.

Because these are…

Real Life Results

from past FPP mastermind members!



Part of running a successful business is knowing how to price your services,
diversify your income and be in control of your revenue streams.

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Now I’m letting you tap into my years of experience to move your business forward.

with the Food Photography Pro Mastermind.



 Mastermind Course Delivery

This class is taught to an intimate group of creatives via Live Video.

We'll meet over four weeks in a small group so you can get individual attention to craft a strategy that's right for you.

PLUS we'll reconvene after three months to discuss failures and setbacks, and how to tackle them head-on.

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Next intake coming in 2020.


This mastermind will help you earn money from your photography.

Just like it did for Dyutima...

Dyutima 10x her revenue goal with Food Photography Pro

within the first couple of months of starting her business in Singapore


This mastermind is the business knowledge and action planning you need to make your photography income goals a reality. Connect with like-minded photographers and turn ‘one day’, today!

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Your time is NOW!



Getting your questions answered for your specific business, location and needs is crucial to success.

You’ll have access to me on 5 live coaching calls to get answers and ideas for your business.

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Learn how to price your Food Photogrpahy Pro.png


Food photography pricing is a minefield. Learn all the ways to price your services, when to use each and specific figures to stay competitive and not under price yourself.

Yes! I talk actual figures.



There isn’t a one-size fits all strategy when it comes to a successful business. I hook you up with pros in our industry to discover what others are doing successfully.

With over 20 years combined experience, learn what works without wasting years testing.

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Personalised Pricing Action Plan Food Photography Pro Mastermind.png


Because you’re here to make your goals a reality. You’ll submit a final proposal for your rates, goals and action plans.

I individually assess each one and provide feedback on your pricing, and provide you with resources to work towards your goals.

plus all this good stuff…


Project Management.


Make Money With Photography.


Financial Training.


How To Pitch Yourself.


Correctly License Images + Educate Clients.




Confidence To Execute.


What Goes Into A Contract.


Live Q+A


Diversification is key.

Panel of Pros

Let's meet our panel, shall we?

Together they have a combined 20 years of experience.

Pro Photographer Michelle Swan.png


"How she makes an extra $10k a year by changing how many images she supplies clients."

~ Michelle SwanGold Coast Photographer


"That next level. How to use paid services to help market your food photography."

~ Shelly WaldmanSan Fran Photographer

Shelly Waldman Pro Food Photographe.png
Pro Food Photography Aysegul Sanford.png


"How to generate stock photography efficiently to add to your revenue strategy."

~ Aysegul SanfordFoolproof Living


"From pitching brands to becoming an influencer."

~ Ashley WalterhouseFit Mitten Kitchen

Pro Blogger Ashley Walterhouse.png
Jenny Huang Pro Food Photographer.png


“How To Get Your First Magazine Editorial.”

~ Jenny Huang, NYC Photographer

In business, it's important to test multiple strategies to find out what works for you. So I've lined up 5 pros who will talk to us about various ways to generate revenue and find work.

Success comes to those who believe and invest in themselves.


Blogger + Photographer

FPP Mastermind helped Tina see the value in what she has to offer. She’s gone from panicking when clients approached her to 100% profitable. She learned to diversify her income streams and is now in charge of her earnings.

After week 3, she signed one of her largest commissions doing a passion project.

Read her full story

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Dyutima Student Success Food Photography Pro.png



Before FPP Mastermind, Dyutima did photography for clients in return for products or small fees. Working harder than the returns. After the mastermind, she gained the confidence to price her work based on the type of client & commission. She’s landed a number of clients including a large national supermarket chain.

Read her full story



Before FPP Mastermind, Therese wasn’t sure how to find clients and start her business. She felt frustrated which led to a lack of motivation. After learning the techniques in this mastermind, her confidence soared. She’s now entered competitions, approached magazines and pitched paid work successfully.

She’s also had her work exhibited in an art gallery.

Read her full story

Therese Student Success Food Photography Pro.png
Diana Student Success Food Photography Pro.png



Diana wanted to monetise her skills and earn a living doing what she loved, but had no idea where to start, how to find clients, or what to charge. Since taking FPP Mastermind she’s booked clients and has been offered ongoing work. Not only did she successfully ran her first food photography workshop, but it went so well she’s running another in her city.

Diana now looks forward to building her business day after day.

Read her full story


You too can get results like these.




Learn from professionals with years of experience
around the globe.

aka, all the skills you're about to uncover!


Create Your Pricing

  • What will you charge + types of rates

  • Create a clear pricing strategy

  • How to educate your client

  • Overheads and production costs

  • Create and meet revenue goals

  • How to negotiate powerfully

Image Licensing + Ownership

  • Image ownership + examples from my career

  • How to license + simply tool to price

  • Start to finish of a professional shoot

  • The importance of contracts

  • Copyright breach examples


Finding Work

  • Ways to make money with photography

  • How and where to find clients that pay

  • Pitching yourself to clients

  • 5 pro interviews on revenue strategies

  • How to stand out + your unique selling point


Action Planning

  • Learn how to set goals that actually work

  • Create an action plan to make goals happen

  • How to prioritise and manage workflow

  • Examples and feedback on your goals + actions


Confidence + Professional Mindset

  • How to find courage and confidence

  • Harness a professional mindset

  • Learn the barriers + mindset challenges I went through

  • The set-backs I’ve experienced over the past 5 years

Rachel Korinek Food Photography Academy.png

Rachel Korinek


I’m Rachel, an Aussie food photographer living in Vancouver. I love capturing visual stories that emphasize the beauty of real food. When I take photographs, I focus on the honest details and intricacies that connects us emotionally to food.

More importantly, though, I know what it’s like to sit in your 9-5 gig and want something more. I've taught over 1,000 students how to create beautiful food photography that makes their community and clients hungry! Many students have gone onto land new clients and magazine features, plus get their work into stock agencies.

My work has been featured in a range of magazines and publications all over the world.

As featured in and worked with.jpg


Rachel Korinek Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Cake with Tessa Huff-2879.jpg



Food Photography Pro

  • You say ‘yes’ to every job and you’re burned out.

  • Only attracting clients with no or little budgets.

  • You’re afraid to ask what you’re really worth.

  • You feel at the mercy of clients and don’t know where to find work.

  • Control, what’s that?

  • Hustling your butt off for a wage you can’t live on.

  • You’re on the verge of quitting and going back to a
    9-5 job.

  • Relying on getting the job by discounting your services, but working harder.

  • Your dream clients and brands don’t know who you are.

  • Secretly, you hope clients don’t reach out to you because you have no idea what you’re doing!


Food Photography Pro

  • You’re confident about what to charge and which pricing strategy to use.

  • Set and reach income goals with diversification.

  • Find clients you actually want to work with.

  • Negotiate powerfully and get client to say yes to more budget.

  • You know simple tricks to bring in more $$$$.

  • Know when to start using ‘pay to play’ marketing.

  • Other creatives turn to you for advice.

  • Tick, tick, tick, the sound of you crushing goals.

  • Clients double their budgets to work with you.

  • You know when to say ‘no’ to jobs that aren’t aligned.

  • Confidence is your new middle name.



Let’s get you paid. Sign up now!


4 weeks of Food Photography Pro Mastermind.

  • All 5 Modules Containing Video Lessons.

  • Course Workbook and Cheatsheets for each lesson.

  • 4 LIVE QA calls with Rachel Korinek.

  • Intimate class size of under 25 creatives.

  • Work together with an accountability partner.

  • Create your pricing and diversification strategy.

  • Prepare an action plan for your business goals.

  • Learn project management and scheduling tools.

  • 3 month catch-up call to troubleshoot roadblocks.

  • 100% Focus on the business of Food Photography



One-Time Investment $1,277

Get access to the 4 weeks of this mastermind with a one-time
investment. USD.


It’s time to start thinking like a business.
You’ll receive a welcome email from Rachel with next steps.

Want to be paid what your photos are really worth?

Perfect. I’d love to take you under my wing and share my years of freelance knowledge with you.

BUT let's just check this is the right course for you!

Who should join Food Photography Pro?


Who FPP is for?

  • Creatives who want to earn a decent living creating beautiful food photos for clients.

  • Beginners to semi-pros. There are clients for everyone at every stage. Come and join our biz group.

  • Photographers who want to make lifelong connections and have people to hold them accountable, push them forward and provide advice.

  • This course covers the basics as well as builds up to higher level marketing strategies for commercial work. If you're looking to go full time or just make a little more money on the side, anyone from beginner to semi-pro can join.


Who FPP is not for?

  • This course is not about monetising a food blog. We do cover paid blog and social posts but from the perspective of freelance photographers.

  • Anyone who doesn't want to sell their photography services, (it's ok to just love photography as a hobby).

  • We don't cover creative aspects of food photography, it's purely business based. If you want to learn lighting or composition, this isn’t the course for you.

  • This course is also not for top professionals. Aka earning 6-figures from food photography already.


Got questions? Check out the FAQs.


How are the lessons delivered? How long do I have to take the course?

Food Photography Pro is a mastermind group that meets online once a week for four weeks for a LIVE training and support session. Lessons are also available by written material and video lessons. Once the live sessions are over, you will have ongoing access to the course material. It's HIGHLY recommended that you attend the live sessions.

What if I can't make the LIVE sessions?

I'll do my best to run sessions so that it covers the majority of students enrolled. In the event that the timing doesn't work for you, you will be able to submit questions and watch a reply. If you come prepared, I'll make sure you don't miss a thing.

Do I have to be at a certain level to participate?

This course covers foundational strategies to get work. We build upon this to cover 'pay to play' strategies for those who are looking to get to the next level in commercial work. Anyone from Beginner to Semi-pro can join us!

Can I do a payment plan?

There isn't a payment plan offered for this mastermind. As this course has a start and end date, you're required to be fully paid before the course starts.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

This isn't a course in which you can test out to see if you like it. It has a start and end date, and deliverables due. Students must be invested in reaching their goals. Action leads to results. I fully believe in this mastermind and I give you unrestricted access to my knowledge. My main priotiry if your ROI. If you are ever unhappy with the course, simply reach out to me to dicuss your options.

How much work is involved in this mastermind?

This is an intensive course. Imagine condensing 7+ years of freelance experience into 4 weeks. I will guide you with what you have to do and what's due when. There is a lot more accountibilty in this course. We'll be buddies for 4 weeks, as I make you and your goals a priority.

How many photographers can enrol in this course?

This course has a limited enrolment of 25 creatives. That's to ensure that I can give you each tailored advice and individual attention.


If your question isn’t answered here, click the little chat box and send me a message! I’d be happy to help.

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Success comes to those who believe and invest in themselves.

It’s time to start thinking like a business.

Come and join the mastermind that has your back. Next session coming in 2020.